DP - 50

Our DP-50 reverse packing machine operates as product focused with the claw (jaw) and cutting blade group installed on its strong chassis, the mobile jaw (claw) group, bottom sticking disk group and the conveyor group synchronized to the whole system. Our machine is controlled by 4 servo motors mounted to the main group.

The product loading conveyor length of the machine is optional. The product is controlled by the optical sensors synchronized to the jaw (claw). The adverse bobbin group enables it to remain in the same hardness until the bobbin end thanks to the automatic brake system. It enables a problem-free working environment for the operator thanks to the easy menu programmed to the touch screen.

The working time lost because of the jaws (claws) moving as much as the distance between the bottom sticking disk group mounted adversely on the machine and the conveyor group is minimized. Thanks to the system enabling to pack the products in different sizes simultaneously without changing the pochette (bag) size adjustment of the machine, product changeovers have been brought to a perfect condition without pochette (bag) and time loss. Thanks to the conveyor band opening automatically between the jaws, product packing range has been widened by enabling the passage of the small and fragmental products.