DP - 350

Our machine features packing at high-speeds with a sorting method of your products that are of delicate importance coming from the line such as chocolate, wafer, cake and so on with a capacity of 300-350. Equipped with the latest vertical packaging technology, our series DP-350 machine has made a rapid entrance into the packing sector. In comparison to the competitors, our machine provides less energy consumption, ease of use and and enables you to manufacture in a hygienic environment.


The double coil enables the change of coil without allowing loss of product and OPP operating on the automatic coil transfer system.


It is provided with the compatible reducer developed peculiar to the servo controlled DP-350 model. This reducer enables a tougher and more efficient operation.


3D-contolled rejeet units is available prior to the inline feeding. The system is designed for sending proper products to the packing machine by measuring the length, width and height of the products coming from the system production lines. It also enables the machine to keep on operating without any interruption by rejeeting the defected products that may come from the production line without sending them to packing.